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Running to Catch a Bus

Running to Catch a Bus is a novel about second chances. Chocked full of inspiring romance, implacable Southern wit and panoply of unforgettable characters this timeless story of loss and recovery portrays how a series of seemingly unrelated decisions by different individuals ultimately cascades into a battle for the heart and soul of an entire town.

Set in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Gordon was once a thriving village of entrepreneurial brilliance. Now, like many former mill-towns in the South, it is has become a fading apparition of its former glorious self.

It is not until the appearance of a mysterious stranger that the mundane and slow decay of the town seems to be temporarily halted. At first, a burgeoning romance between the stranger and the heroine Annie Bryant seems to create new hope for better days. But it is the unraveling revelation of his incendiary secrets that serve as accelerant for change that will either consume numerous lives or ignite the purifying fires of refining transformation.

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