Member Spotlight: Courtney Mauzy

Wives are often the connectors for men in developing friendships with other men, usually through some common interest. For Courtney Mauzy, whose wife was a part of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this was how he learned about NCS. Mauzy’s wife and Jay Helvey’s wife were in BSF together and connected their two husbands. Helvey invited Mauzy to lunch to introduce himself and share his vision when he was starting to think about creating an NCS chapter in Winston-Salem.

For Mauzy, the decision to become a part of something from the ground up wasn’t difficult. He was initially drawn to the concept that Helvey laid out because it presented an opportunity for fellowship and connection through a shared faith in Christ.

What you may not know about him

For starters, let’s talk about what NCS members might be surprised to know about Mauzy: throughout his entire high school years, his objective in life was to become a professional water skier! While very good at water skiing, Mauzy decided on a more traditional path and attended Washington and Lee University for his Undergraduate Degree and eventually Wake Forest University for his Master’s Degree.

While Mauzy has had a successful career in business and currently works as a Regional Sales Manager, he also has a pastime he’d love to spend more time pursuing if he had endless amounts of extra time: brewing beer. But it’s not exactly just a pastime or hobby – in 2017, Mauzy established Threshing Floor Brewing Company, a nano-brewery operating out of Washington state. His company proudly boasts some award-winning ales and hopes to expand to North Carolina one day.