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Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Ever wonder about how all of that coffee gets set up for each of our NCS meetings around town? It doesn’t just magically appear. Each NCS group has a team of committed “Morning Joes” who take responsibility for making sure that the coffee is brewed and ready to go for members when they show up for meetings.

This service is a ministry in itself…so we thought we’d highlight a few of our “Joes” and let them share a bit about themselves and their role in our meetings. Guy Morgan, Dick Joyce and Budd Midkiff are three Joes who recently chatted with us about their experiences.

How did you get started doing the coffee set up (Morning Joe)?

GUY: Not really sure. There may have been an ask for volunteers when Doug Blount was having some health challenges.

DICK: Having basked in the spiritual, emotional, and encouraging benefits of being part of NCS, Eddie had been asking me to help in the back for several years. He assumed that because I had worked in food service distribution management for over 40 years that I would know a little bit about the morning preparations. I finally gave in to his request and have not resented it as it has been a blessing in disguise.

BUDD: I decided I wanted to help because I liked NCS, they needed more help and it grew into a regular part of each week.

“It is a day that I truly celebrate. Brother Mark Thompson became a faithful prayer warrior that day as he, with God's guidance led me through some tough times. I thank God for him and several other NCS brothers often!” said Joyce.

What has handling this responsibility shown you about service to others?

GUY: Unity and community is important. I’ve learned more about what the body of Christ should actually look like. I have a greater appreciation of the bible verse that eludes to the body having many parts with different functions and together creating something greater. Also, when you serve or give you receive so much more in return. You receive a stronger sense of comradery and team spirit.

DICK: It has provided confirmation that I have a God-given servant's heart. I get so much pleasure in knowing that a 5:30 alarm helps so many men experience a relationship in Christ through this ministry. It is a pleasure to give back.

BUDD: It has shown me a lot about service in a big restaurant and how we can depend on each other.

What's the most fun part (and the least fun part) about doing the coffee set up?

GUY: The most fun is the text messages the night before, and the extra time we share before the fellowship. The least fun is the alarm clock going off at 5:30am!

DICK: The most fun comes from establishing the "welcome gauntlet" after we have finished the hour-long setup. The least fun comes with cleaning up a mess (after you fail to hit the right button on the maker, forget to take the lid off of the carafe or have the grinder mechanically fail).

BUDD: Hanging out with all the guys has been the most fun. Honestly, I can’t think of what has been the least fun!

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

GUY: I’m very basic: regular (no decaf, no light or dark roast, no latte).

DICK: We fix about two gallons of decaf and 10 gallons of regular each Friday. It has proven to be good enough, as we seldom have a drop left.

BUDD: Usually decaf if I drink it. I mostly like the smell and making it for others.

How does having morning refreshments augment or add to the NCS events each morning?

GUY: I look at it as feeding the body as well as the spirit.

DICK: By providing a light continental-style breakfast, it makes it easier for so many men make it to a meeting that seemingly starts so early in the day (not many are accustomed to getting up in time for a 7 am gathering).

BUDD: Breaking bread together is important.

“Seeing guys stepping up and volunteering like Glen Kelly, watching Budd Midkiff and Doug serving despite their health challenges…it’s encouraging. The gratification in being part of something bigger than yourself is a blessing,” shared Morgan.

Guy Morgan serves at NCS RBL/East

Dick Joyce serves at NCS RBL/Davie

Budd Midkiff serves at NCS RBL

We'd like to thank the rest of our NCS "Morning Joes":

Jay Abernethy, Doug Blount, Chuck Bradford, Steve Klingensmith, Paul Pifer, Eddie Schapira, George Wilson


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