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Transforming Lives and Building Faith: The Impactful Journey of NCS Member Jerry Anderson

In the heart of Winston-Salem, a remarkable story of transformation and faith is unfolding through the life of Jerry Anderson, a devoted member of the New Canaan Society (NCS) and the founder of the DO School. Jerry graciously shared his inspiring journey, reflecting on how NCS played a pivotal role in shaping his purpose and commitment to making a difference in the community.

Jerry's introduction to NCS was orchestrated by Mike Campbell in 2018, the Executive Director and President of Habitat for Humanity Forsyth County. Initially hesitant, Jerry was struck by the depth of commitment he witnessed during his first NCS gathering at Forsyth Seafood. Surprised by the diverse group of men in attendance, Jerry quickly realized the authenticity and purpose that defined the conversations. It was this sense of purpose that resonated deeply with Jerry, prompting him to think, "I need to be involved with this group."

For the past five years, Jerry has been an active member of NCS, attending meetings at both River Birch Lodge and NCS East regularly. Before joining NCS, Jerry's faith journey had its share of twists and turns. Growing up as a preacher's kid, he was always in church, yet his intellectual pursuits and questioning nature led him on a unique path. Central to Jerry's faith journey is the influence of his father, a preacher who may not have been an intellectual giant but was a committed parent. Jerry expresses admiration for his dad's unwavering dedication to family and faith. He reflects on the impact of being raised in a household where faith was a cornerstone, even if intellectual pursuits led him on a different path initially.  It took time for him to truly understand the importance of faith and surrendering to God's plan. Now, as a purpose-driven man, NCS fits seamlessly into his life.

Jerry's life took a transformative turn with the creation of the DO School in November 2020. Motivated by his desire to contribute positively and be a role model for his family, Jerry delved into addressing the economic challenges in Forsyth County. The DO School focuses on providing training in sustainable jobs, particularly in the construction industry, to individuals facing obstacles such as substance abuse and felonious records. Jerry emphasizes that the success of the DO School is a testament to collaboration and divine guidance, acknowledging the support of an exceptional board of directors and dedicated staff.

The connection between NCS and the DO School is strong, with Jerry keeping the NCS community informed about their endeavors. Several NCS members actively support the DO School, both financially and through direct engagement. Jerry emphasizes the importance of collaboration and inclusivity, stating, "Our gifts, skills, and talents are so diverse. We welcome anyone's participation."

Reflecting on his faith journey, Jerry acknowledges the profound impact of recent friends Kevin and Lisa Miller. Their god-centered approach and leading by example have left an indelible mark on Jerry's walk of faith. He expresses deep gratitude for their friendship and influence.

In closing, Jerry Anderson emphasizes the value of the DO School and its mission to raise the tide and lift all ships in the harbor. Through collaboration and community engagement, Jerry envisions transcendent effects that can positively impact Winston-Salem. His journey, from a questioning intellectual to a purpose-driven leader, serves as an inspiration to all, highlighting the transformative power of faith and commitment. As members of NCS, let us continue to support one another in our journeys, contributing to the flourishing of faith and purpose in our community.


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