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Mason Rutledge: Leading with Purpose at the Helm of the New Canaan Society

March of 2023 marked a pivotal moment for Mason Rutledge as he stepped into the realm of the New Canaan Society (NCS), attending its national retreat. Reflecting on that experience, Rutledge recalls, "What an amazing collection of men! This is a team that I want to be on, to make a difference in our world." On May 1, 2023, he officially began steering the ship of this transformative movement as its President and CEO.

Rutledge's journey with NCS began with a simple goal: to learn. In his own words, "My initial goal was simply to learn." His proactive approach led him on an intensive tour across 29 states in his first six months on the job, armed with a Remarkable tablet and a fervent curiosity. "I took a lot of notes. I wanted to learn what made the men tick and therefore what gave New Canaan Society its boom," Rutledge explains. And yes, he visited us here in Winston Salem too!

However, Rutledge is quick to admit that his goals have evolved over time. "I'm still learning. I'm a life-long learner, so you won't see me without my Remarkable, taking notes," he says. "As I've learned, the goals have changed. I've become more impressed with the men, the movement, and the potential."

As Rutledge approaches the one-year mark in his tenure, he reflects on his accomplishments with characteristic humility. "I have not accomplished what I wanted in the first year, but my expectations on myself are always too high," he confesses. "At the same time, we have accomplished a lot. I don't celebrate a year until May 1, so I'll be running to that one-year mark aggressively."

One of the greatest surprises for Rutledge has been the diversity within the NCS movement. "The greatest surprise has been the diversity of the movement. We are a varied bunch across the country," he notes. While NCS may have originated within the business sector, it has since burgeoned into a diverse community encompassing men from all walks of life.

Looking toward the future, Rutledge envisions a profound impact for NCS. "More men seeing redemption in their marketplace calling, marriages, families, communities, churches and our country," he shares. "Men across the country are becoming aware that our cultural struggle is not of 'flesh and bone.' Scales are dropping from their eyes and they can see the spiritual challenge that lays before."

In closing, Rutledge offers a lighthearted glimpse into his personal life, sharing, "I'm a left-handed vegan from Seattle...what could be more interesting." Indeed, Rutledge's dynamic leadership, fueled by a commitment to learning and growth, has hopes of steering NCS toward even greater heights of impact and transformation as he continues to champion authenticity, brotherhood, and spiritual renewal.


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