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Re-Launch in the Queen City

NCS Charlotte had been hosting regular meetings for about six years when the pandemic hit. But in the wake of Covid restrictions, the chapter closed its doors for two years.

However, in September of 2021, branch leader, John Simontacchi was recruited to lead the chapter and got together with other leaders and began praying about resuming meetings. John carries a strong sense of calling to help change men’s lives and to offer a safe place for vulnerability and encouragement. He knew NCS was the best place to put this into action and was eager to get started again. John had attended the NCS national retreat in Orlando in 2019 by the encouragement of Hal Rosser and was changed by the experience. He wanted the opportunity to share this type of experience with other men.

Prior to the pandemic, the chapter hosted between fifteen to twenty regular attendees each week, but when they re-opened their doors in January of 2022, thirty men attended the kickoff. Since then, the core group of devoted members has steadily grown, with up to forty men attending each week and over three hundred in the database.

The meetings feature keynote speakers sharing inspiring stories of personal transformation and overcoming the odds. Some stories may highlight successes in business or in family, whereas other stories tell of hard times from men who came out of prison and found renewal.

One key feature of the group is the wide range of age demographic, spanning from men in their early thirties to those in their seventies. The older men impact the younger members who need godly role models and mentors. The younger attendees bring new life to the group and help envision new possibilities. Everyone who attends contributes to the atmosphere of deep camaraderie and mutual support.

“This is what it is all about.” John says. “NCS is a men’s ministry who aims to make everyone feel like they’re welcome, supported and making an impact, whether a follower of Christ or not. The group’s goal is to show the unconditional love of Christ to everyone who attends.”

The regular meetings help to build community and give opportunity to pray and encourage each other. “If you’re a man who wants to develop close, trustworthy, godly relationships with other men and hear transformational stories that will enlighten, encourage and touch your heart, NCS is the place for you,” John says.

If you would like to attend, the chapter meets on Thursdays at 7 a.m. at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse at 6000 Fairview Road Charlotte, NC. The restaurant provides an amazing breakfast in a comfortable atmosphere.


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