Member Spotlight: Dwight Lewis

Like many of the men who find their way to NCS, Dwight Lewis was looking for something - specifically, a regular opportunity to connect with men of faith and build relationships that had a spiritual foundation to them.

Dwight has spent much of his career in athletics at Wake Forest University. Besides serving as the Associate Athletic Director, he’s also been the Sports Administrator for Olympic Sports, a mentor for student athletes and more. Outside of sports, he has served as a board member for Samaritan Ministries, G.I.D.E. and The Twenty.

As busy as he’s always been, Dwight was enthusiastic when invited to attend an NCS meeting by Bill McClain back in 2017. Since that moment, he has been a regular, active member of the Friday group that meets at River Birch Lodge.

A man of faith for all of his life, Lewis recently told us about a “God moment” from his college days.

“A college classmate and I were talking, and I remember sharing with him what God can do if you give Him time. I remember saying to him that if you give God 15 minutes a day, you will begin to feel this sense of peace, said Lewis. His classmate replied, “Well I’ll give Him five minutes a day.” To which Lewis answered that was perfect.

Lewis and the classmate lost contact over the next 30 years and then out of the blue, he received a call from the classmate from California. After exchanging pleasantries and catching up on each other’s lives, the old friend said “Dwight, I’m giving God 15 minutes a day.” For Lewis, it was an affirmation that his words so many years ago could have an impact when you let God’s will play out over time.

“The conversation made my day and confirms that it’s not my time, but on God’s time. I was happy that of all the experiences we shared, this is the one my friend remembered most. God is Good!”

Lewis knows exactly what he would do if he had an endless amount of extra time: spend