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Membership spotlight: Penn Clark

Learning about NCS

Clark is a relative “newbie” to NCS, with his first meeting in January of this year. Clark heard of New Canaan Society through Harvey Freeman, whom he rented a house from about four years ago. During various interactions, Freeman often spoke about his men’s group and trips abroad to bring awareness to Jesus Christ. This eventually led to an invitation for Clark to attend a meeting at River Birch Lodge.

While Clark felt his life has been blessed by Jesus, he had encountered very few Christian men willing to share their love for Jesus and His teachings. After several conversations about Jesus, Clark found himself excited by the opportunity to join Freeman at an NCS meeting. After a few weeks at the Lodge, he began to look forward to the energy and confirmation of the morning gatherings.

God’s work in Clark’s life

“I was an angry young adult without fear that could not see past the rage,” shared Clark.

When introducing his wife to his parents 26 years ago, his dad (who was a brutally honest man) said to her in front of Clark, ‘you need to leave him alone. He will be dead or in jail in a year.’

Thankfully, God had plans for Clark...and when looking back, Clark reflects that He was always with him at many points in his life. His first memory of God placing his hand in his life was at the age of 8. Clark and his younger brother were playing a game of darts in the basement on a new dartboard. His brother threw a bullseye, punched Clark in the stomach and ran up the stairs. With a dart in his hand, he turned to throw it at his brother. God grabbed his brother by the ankle and pulled him down as the dart stuck in the step where he would have been. Without fully understanding what had happened, Clark’s brother complained that he would ‘tell dad about you pulling me down’.

The single moment that has had the biggest impact on his life is when Jesus told him in a clear and distinct voice, ‘forgive and seek forgiveness.’ After obeying His command, in an instant, all the anger vanished, and Clark was more hopeful than ever before in his life.

Clark’s plans for endless amounts of time

With more time available, Clark would spend it educating kids on capitalism and understanding markets with the goal of making them investors.

“Kids who come from the same place I’m from are taught to be consumers. Our lives in America become more joyful and less stressful when we don’t need to focus on survival. From my experience, changing one’s circumstance begins with changing the mindset from being a consumer of products to becoming a creator of a product or service and ultimately becoming an investor,” said Clark.

He believes that the American public education system does not inspire or encourage kids to participate in capitalism in any fashion other than as workers or consumers. Clark learned to become a capitalist who believes in living a life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. What this means to him is working to provide for his family and future generations and to honor the men and women who sacrificed and endured so that he would have opportunities. He believes all kids need to be taught to be capitalists to take advantage of being American and given a fighting chance to change their circumstances.

Having a friendship with Jesus

This is everything, to Clark – and there were periods in his life where Jesus’ friendship was the only friendship Clark had. Jesus was there always willing to listen and offer guidance.

“His friendship is unwavering and unconditional. He is always supporting me especially when I fail or fall short in my love for others. His friendship inspires me to do better, do more. His friendship sets the example for the type of friend I strive to be.”


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