Membership spotlight: Penn Clark

Learning about NCS

Clark is a relative “newbie” to NCS, with his first meeting in January of this year. Clark heard of New Canaan Society through Harvey Freeman, whom he rented a house from about four years ago. During various interactions, Freeman often spoke about his men’s group and trips abroad to bring awareness to Jesus Christ. This eventually led to an invitation for Clark to attend a meeting at River Birch Lodge.

While Clark felt his life has been blessed by Jesus, he had encountered very few Christian men willing to share their love for Jesus and His teachings. After several conversations about Jesus, Clark found himself excited by the opportunity to join Freeman at an NCS meeting. After a few weeks at the Lodge, he began to look forward to the energy and confirmation of the morning gatherings.

God’s work in Clark’s life

“I was an angry young adult without fear that could not see past the rage,” shared Clark.

When introducing his wife to his parents 26 years ago, his dad (who was a brutally honest man) said to her in front of Clark, ‘you need to leave him alone. He will be dead or in jail in a year.’

Thankfully, God had plans for Clark...and when looking back, Clark reflects that He was always with him at many points in his life. His first memory of God placing his hand in his life was at the age of 8. Clark and his younger brother were playing a game of darts in the basement on a new dartboard. His brother threw a bullseye, punched Clark in the stomach and ran up the stairs. With a dart in his hand, he turned to throw it at his brother. God gra