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NCS News: Happening Around the Southeast Regional Network

Live Pure, Speak Truth, Right Wrong, Follow the King

NCS Northeast Regional Retreat

On April 29-30 we had the Northeast Regional Retreat, with record attendance of about 200 men. Great speakers, like the following, encouraged and challenged everyone: Rev. A.R. Bernard, Jack Deere, Dudley Hall and BJ Weber. Authentic stories were shared, hearts were lifted, men were led in dynamic worship and some fun was thrown in too. During the middle of the retreat Michael Tremain said, "Guys-the last 24 hours in Tarrytown have been awesome. If you’re there, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not there, well, I’m sorry." Let this be a lesson to you...if you have an opportunity to gather with men of NCS, take advantage and don't miss it!


Chapter to Chapter Road Trip: FL to NC

The NCS Southeast/Mid-Atlantic region celebrates NCS Orlando's Anthony Hodge coming to Charlotte. Some of the NCS men attending the Wednesday dinner and Thursday chapter meeting included: Anthony Hodge, Ed Lemasters, and Mitch Shrenk (NCS Orlando); John Simontacchi and Hal Rosser (NCS Charlotte), and Kalim Andraos and Jay Helvey (NCS Winston Salem). This is a great example of the NCS Regional Strategy working to connect chapters and brothers to expand the movement.


NCS on the Frontlines of Eastern Europe

Back on April 18, Kalim Andraos, along with a small team of four, headed to eastern Europe loaded with hundreds of pounds of medicines and medical emergency supplies. They crossed the Romanian/Ukrainian border twice with caravan of vans full of medicine, medical supplies, diapers, food, cloths, etc, and spent countless hours on borders. The team visited multiple ministries and churches, and met with Believers who are being the Light and the Salt in the middle of a war torn country. These ministers are beaming with the Love of God and sharing it with weary and broken people. Keep praying for this and all that is going on in our world, it matters and it makes a difference.



The NCS Bullpen is looking for part-time, administrative help. This is a remote position for just a few hours per week. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please email us for the job description. Click Here to Inquire.


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