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Spirit Whispers

"What is wisdom? It’s not just knowledge, right? We say it’s knowledge applied. Wisdom is knowledge brought down to earth, brought down to street level. It’s applied. That’s wisdom. We know a lot of people who are knowledgeable, but they’re just not smart, or they’re smart, but they’re not wise. Who is Jesus? He is God expressed. He is God embodied. He is God’s wisdom. He is God literally brought down to earth. He is God brought into human form. Oh, we talk about the glory, holiness or the love of God, but those are abstractions. If you just memorize those abstractions, it’s not going to change your heart. It’s not going to make you wise. It’s not going to pull your heart off the things you have given your heart to, but this will. Jesus Christ is God, the wisdom of God. He is the wisdom. He is the Living Word. He is God come down to earth."

-Tim Keller


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