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The (Initially) Reluctant Disciple: Meet Guy Morgan

So hanging out with a bunch of guys at 7 am wasn’t exactly high on Guy Morgan’s to-do list. When friend and church member, Allan Younger mentioned NCS, Guy paid attention…but didn’t take action.

Then in 2009, Morgan’s wife had wanted to participate in a couple’s bible study in their neighborhood called Fireproof. At this same time, Morgan was working on a job transition to a new career opportunity. He agreed to go to Fireproof, and it was there that he and his wife met the Menconi’s. Larry Menconi, like Younger before him, mentioned NCS…and this time, Guy Morgan was willing to be dragged to a meeting. The good news is that Morgan immediately new that Transition Tuesday was just what he needed – genuine fellowship among compassionate people.

And ten years later, he’s not only still involved but serves as one of the “Morning Joes”.

Interesting bits about Guy Morgan

While Morgan enjoys being a part of a team - hence his Morning Joe setup role - he ideally prefers to keep a low profile. Being a part of the setup crew allows him to see the different parts of NCS meetings come together to create something special.

He names Charlie Sifford as his sports hero and mentor. He cheers for Wake Forest, Florida State, UNC and UVA…to name a few teams. In high school he held the nickname of Sky Guy. One might think it was because he could jump so high – but Virginia Beach, where Morgan grew up had little in the way of basketball (surfing was big), and Morgan was simply taller than everyone else.

NCS East and Morgan’s Faith

Morgan sees “God moments”, both big and small, in many places. At NCS, he has witnessed the outpouring of compassion and love by NCS brothers. He has been truly amazed at the diversity of the NCS East meetings, seeing the movers and shakers of Winston-Salem in fellowship with the men across the street who panhandle in the area. He believes that God is working through the barriers that divide us and is helping us to overcome these challenges.

Morgan shared that he strives to live out the NCS mission of having a “friendship with Jesus”. To him, this means having an abiding relationship with God and emulating that love with his brothers/others. He works to live out his faith on a daily basis by being patient and searching for peace during the storms that come in life – but this is a hard, daily challenge. Being a host for NCS East helps.

Leroy Cannady asked me if I could fill-in as host for a couple of weeks while fulfill other obligations. After about a week he came back and asked if I could continue due to his other commitments,” explained Morgan.

“Being a host has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me realize that we all have a role to play. Seeing the men show up each Thursday, building relationships and serving in the community has really inspired me.”


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